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For the past three weeks I’ve been working on a new business. Actually it’s an old business but having neglected it for so many years, it was bringing in a negligible amount of cash each month. After floundering for so long, I finally felt motivated and inspired enough to give up all my freelance work and concentrate 100% on working for myself.

Now the pressure is on as I have no other source of income and I’ve basically been working my socks off to do as much as I can in-between chasing after the kids and keeping the house relatively clean. Spending every possible free moment typing away on my computer has resulted in me feeling rather burned out and it’s tricky to stay motivated when I know I won’t even see the results of my efforts for at least a few months.

I don’t take the time to get out and enjoy our neighbourhood as much as I should but it’s amazing what 20 minutes of outside time can do for my mental health. Not just me but also Maya who’s usually tired out and grumpy in the afternoons from her morning at school and Kiran who’s usually woken up from his nap and is groggy and bad tempered.

Approaching the end of September, we’re coming up to my favourite time of the year if we’d been in the UK. I just love the turn of the seasons into Autumn when the nights start getting darker, the leaves are falling from the trees and you can almost smell the chill in the air. I hadn’t thought about it much for the past few years but our recent trip has made me reminisce about my life before and yearn for dressing up in warm clothes, Halloween and bonfire night.

I know I’m overly romanticising though because with that first chill comes bitter cold and rain and sludge and hours and hours of darkness. Where else in the world can you step out of your front door without a coat or shoes and have this waiting for you every single day? I guess eternal summer isn’t so bad after all.

Natsukashii and random ramblings

2015-07-01 11.23.44

Well it’s been quite a while since I posted properly. We’ve been pretty busy since then – first trip back to the UK since Maya was a baby and Maya started school. I’ve been getting used to the new schedule and the eternal struggle of juggling time with kids, work and housework. Housework is pretty much winning at the moment, some days I feel like all I’ve done from sunrise to sunset is clean and wash clothes. Anyway….

I kind of lost the motivation to post here for a while but I’ve been feeling inspired again recently and find myself writing blog posts in my head. I have a lot to catch up on so I may as well get on with it.

Actually I should be working right now as I have two articles due tomorrow and it’s my birthday so I kind of wanted a day off. But today’s just been one of those days, you know the ones where you really just want to stay in bed. Funnily the day before I was feeling really upbeat and energetic and positive about everything and then today I’m feeling so down again. Hey ho, that’s how it goes, up and down like a yo-yo. Anyway I figured the best thing I could do, rather than sit up half the night procrastinating, is get an early night (it’s already 10pm so not really an early night for me anymore but whatever) and start afresh in the morning. Hopefully if I can be productive in the morning it will leave the rest of the day free for fun, or at least the afternoon after my girl gets out of school.

I don’t really have any birthday plans. I’m kind of not in the mood for anything in particular. I did buy a cake to share with Made (whose birthday is the day after mine) and I’m planning to treat myself to a spot of online shopping. Maybe we’ll go out for dinner but being on a school night makes things kind of awkward (gah, school messes up everything).

So it’s funny, since I got back from our little trip to England (and Scotland, briefly) I’m feeling a weird sense of not quite homesickness, but nostalgia and longing that I never had before (this is one of those things that’s expressed better in other languages – natsukashii in Japanese pretty much sums it up). I was always very happy to live in Bali and I couldn’t wait to escape the UK while I was there. Sure I missed my family and friends, Primark, Sainsburys and fast cheap internet but I figured it was worth it to trade it all in for our life of palm trees and rice fields.

I still do feel that but I’m missing things in a way that I didn’t after our last trip and I’m not sure if it’s because Maya is bigger now and able to benefit from the parks and museums and all the UK has to offer and I’m seeing an alternate reality in my head where there are four seasons and my kids are living out a childhood similar to my own.

Anyway, I’m not on the point of booking us all tickets back to blighty (not that they’d let in my husband even if we wanted to, thanks for that UK government) but I’m indulging myself a little by reading some of my favourite and some new British blogs (Tigerlilly Quin / Make Do & Push / Me & Orla)and online window shopping on sites like Cath Kidston and Emma Bridgewater. I figure once I’m rich and successful, I can fill my house in Bali with lots of Britishy things.

I am actually doing some real online shopping too, I mean it is my birthday after all… picked myself up a little reminder of my home town from the Baltic gallery shop (an amazing modern art gallery with an even more amazing shop that you must go to if you’re ever in Newcastle/Gateshead.  We didn’t have time to squeeze in a visit on this trip but we did all go with Maya when she was a little bald baby). I didn’t think much of Newcastle when I was growing up there but the older I’ve got, the more I came to appreciate it. I was glad Maya got to share the experience of getting a train over the river and seeing all the bridges 🙂

So I’m getting this:


and also some other pretty things that have nothing to do with Newcastle but I just want them (honestly the amount of money I used to spend in this shop when I lived there…) I haven’t quite decided which to choose!

That’s about it for now. More about our trip and other things soon, I promise! I must say, it feels nice to be blogging again 🙂

How to reconnect with folk back home (or travelling buddies)


Since I started travelling a strange thing started to happen. While when back home I felt the need to go away and escape now I started to miss my family and friends and wanted to reconnect with them as often as possible. Moreover, when you travel or when you live in a very touristic place like Ubud you start to make friends from all the imaginable and unimaginable countries and you want to keep in touch with everyone. Facebook and Twitter are OK but as you know it’s something completely different when you can actually be called or talk to someone on the phone.

One of the alternatives to Skype that I hear everyone is very excited about is the International Calls NobelApp that is available for both Android smartphones and iPhones. You probably thought that it costs a fortune to simply call abroad and that you can’t just pick up phone to call your folks or your friends to ask about some kind of recipe or just to reach out. The NobelCom phone cards totally changed the game as you can use them from just about any phone by dialing an access number, entering your PIN, your destination number and start talking at really LOW COSTS. So you don’t need Internet, which is quite amazing considering that getting really high-speed Internet in Ubud or other parts of Bali is quite difficult.

You can also use this type of apps with your Wi-Fi or with a 3G connection and it works perfectly. The sound quality is actually surprisingly good. It’s nice to actually hear the person you are talking to without the background noise and interference you have with some of the normal calls. You don’t even feel you are thousands of miles away, on a relatively isolated (although very populated and gorgeous) island.

We all have smartphones now and the Nobel app will use your data plan. In most countries you can get a really cheap SIM card with a good data plan and the speed is more than decent. Actually the prices in South-East Asia are amazingly low for this type of service. And if you don’t have a smartphone you can download the NobelCom PC-2-Phone app and use it on your PC. And I love the fact that you can send International text messages as that makes you feel more connected in some way as it’s something you would do more when you are back home.

The world is becoming more international. It’s now easier than ever to call anywhere at low costs without having to have a fancy Internet connection. You can really control your costs and hear the other person perfectly while being heard beautifully. And I love the mobility also. We’re not tied to the computer anymore, we can now call directly from our smartphones or even from any phone we have access to.

It’s absolutely great to travel but you always have some loved ones somewhere else in the world and reconnecting is part of our nature, now you have the tools to do it without affecting your budget.

Sponsored Video: Wash Happy with Samsung activ dualwash

How to go from washing misery….


to wash happy!


When I moved to Bali, my life simplified a lot. I went from living in a house full of stuff to getting along quite happily for a year with just the contents of a small backback.

As nice as this is, there are still some western comforts that I bitterly miss – cold showers get boring fast, even when you’re in the tropics. And especially after having kids, I missed the convenience of having a washing machine.

I got used to hand washing all my clothes but now with a family of 4, it definitely takes up a huge part of my day – I have to wash every day just to stay on top of it and if we’re in the middle of the rainy season, I just give up on anything drying. We do have plenty of laundries here but I feel like it’s more hassle than it’s worth in dropping clothes off and picking them up several times a week plus items often go missing or get damaged.

We did install a washing machine at our airbnb rental and I sneak up there sometimes when we don’t have guests as it’s about a million times easier to throw a load of laundry in the machine. It would make things about a million times easier again if we had our own washing machine here.

And when it comes to washing machines, you can’t get much more convenient than the Samsung activ dualwash. This machine simplifies laundry with a built in sink and scrubber so you can hand wash, soak and scrub before machine washing, all in the same place.

The activ dualwash also has a unique “soft curl” design with small outlet holes, which is kinder on clothes and means they’re less likely to get damaged – I’ve had a couple of pieces ripped to shreds with our current machine when I overfilled it.

There are also lots of other handy features like a built-in error checking system and accompanying smartphone app so you can find problems without calling out an engineer; a Magic Filter to keep clothes cleaner; and an anti-tangle “Wobble technology”, water-saving washing flow.

Laundry is one of those chores that nobody really enjoys but if you watch the video above you might just get inspired to ‘wash happy’ and dance around to the catchy tune while getting your clothes clean!

If you’d like to find out more about the Samsung activ dualwash, checkout the Samsung Facebook page, get home ideas and inspiration from their Instagram account and watch more videos at their YouTube channel.

This post sponsored by Samsung but all thoughts are my own 🙂

Goodbye Cuddly – The end of an era


That little orange square in Maya’s hand is her cuddly. It’s a comforter we got free with Hipp baby food that’s been her almost constant companion since she was six months old. After 4 years of use, cuddly was looking more than a little worse for wear – his once bright orange had faded to a muddy beige and he’d been sewn up so many times, he was only half the size he once was. It didn’t make Maya love him any less.

Every night she’s needed cuddly to go to sleep. We’ve had to bring him with us everywhere as if she asks for him and we didn’t have him, we’d be met with unstoppable tears. Cuddly was an instant way of calming her down if she was upset – I’d hand him to her and she’d instantly start sucking her thumb and be quiet. You’re probably guessing where this story is heading and in my defence, I did buy some replacement cuddlies when Maya was still a baby. In fact she insisted on having two at once for a while, until one was stolen by a monkey. As she got older she refused them and would throw them away angrily if we tried to offer her a replacement.

The photo at the top shows you how sad Maya got just when cuddly got wet at the beach so you can imagine how she must feel now that he’s vanished completely.

Yes cuddly is with us no longer and I wasn’t sure how she was going to cope when this day came. I still don’t know what happened – in a hurry to leave to stay overnight at her grandparents I shoved him in the bag. Once we arrived I don’t remember if I gave him to Maya or not but we couldn’t find him and had to go to sleep without him for the first time. Maya was inconsolable but I still had hopes he’d turn up – he’s been lost a million times before and usually Maya’s tucked him away in the fridge or under a stone in the temple and we eventually find him. Not this time. He wasn’t at home when we returned and he hasn’t been found since.

I read Maya the story of Dogger, in which a little boy loses his favourite toy but they find him again in the end. I suggested that maybe cuddly was off having an adventure and he’d turn up when he was ready. It’s been more than a little heartbreaking watching Maya deal with this – it’s almost as if someone has died. She even said to me the next day, “Mummy, I know where cuddly is – he’s in the sky”.

It’s been two weeks now and I’m proud of her for coping so well and sleeping without her best friend every night with the minimum amount of fuss and tears. It’s so very sad – she still asks me every day if I’ve found him. So I thought I’d compile a little selection of photos of cuddly throughout the years – as Maya’s grown up he’s been her constant companion. Goodbye cuddly, you were a good friend 🙁

P1080431 P1090106 P1100012 2012-06-14 15.28.44 _MG_4788 DSCN2029 IMG_8585 IMG_2506 IMG_3542 IMG_9898 photo 2 (8) IMG_1259 IMG_1610 IMG_3623

Sponsored Post: World Baking Day – Making The World’s Happiest Cake!


It’s World Baking day today! Who are you baking for? We were successful in making the World’s Happiest Cake (recipe in my earlier post).

Maya loves to bake and was more than keen to help out with mixing, chopping, grating and squeezing. The cake baked while she napped and I iced it. She was then thrilled to present papa with a slice of cake that she’d made “all by herself”.

Kiran lost interest right around the mixing part but was happy to race his cars around the mixing bowl and we had a lovely morning baking instead of watching cartoons on Youtube, which is becoming a far too frequent occurrence!

IMG_5370 IMG_5375 IMG_5382 IMG_5388 IMG_5395 IMG_5407 IMG_5411 IMG_5417 IMG_5424 IMG_5445 IMG_5448

What makes this the World’s Happiest Cake? It certainly put a smile on Made’s face to come home to freshly baked cake made by his little girl! (Recipe was created by Blue Band!)

Whatever you make, baking is a therapeutic activity – the repetitive actions of mixing and focusing on measuring can help your mind to relax and de-stress. Baking also gives you a great sense of accomplishment and if you bake for someone else you get an extra happy boost from doing something nice for another person.

World Baking Day is a great opportunity to get a bit of stress relief from everyday life as well as spending some quality time with your family and doing something special for a loved one.

Who are you baking for? Don’t forget to share with hashtag #worldbakingday, check out the WBD website and follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest

This post sponsored by Blue Band for World Baking Day but all thoughts are my own 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 8.56.36 PM

Kiran is 3!


Yes I know I have been a sorry excuse for a blogger lately. I really don’t have any excuse except to say my life is totally consumed with childcare and cleaning right now and my energy levels are at an all time low so work, blogging and anything else don’t get much time.

Anyway 3 months late is better than never right? So here are some photos from Kiran’s third birthday. I decided not to have a party and instead we took a day trip to the zoo. Kiran got a remote control car and a buzz lightyear and was pretty thrilled about it.

Kiran at 3 is just about the sweetest thing ever. He’s only really started talking properly in the last 6months – a year and comes out with the funniest things. He says “some prize” instead of “surprise” and “dis gusting” instead of “discusting” (dis gusting, dis not gusting). He is obsessed with Cars and Lightning McQueen (like a queen), charging around shouting “STUPID MAN!” and will happily sit in the dirt with his cars playing and singing by himself for hours.

IMG_4821 IMG_4811 IMG_4847 IMG_4848 IMG_4830 IMG_4866 IMG_4874 IMG_4879 IMG_4892 IMG_4903 IMG_4910 IMG_4922 IMG_4925

Sponsored Post: Baking with kids

Baking is an activity that I’ve only recently started getting back into. I used to bake quite a few cakes and biscuits when I lived in the UK (blame my sweet tooth for that) but after not having an oven for years after moving to Bali, I’d not baked anything in a long time.

I finally got around to buying a little mini oven when we moved house and I’m pleased to say it’s been put to very good use. I bake my own bread every few days, make pizzas including dough from scratch and cakes of course, including Maya’s last birthday cake.

Baking isn’t just about the bread or cake you get at the end of it – the process is half the fun and it’s something I love to share with my kids. Baking is such a great activity for kids of all ages and it never gets boring. Maya’s favourite dinner at the moment is home-made pizza and she loves mixing the ingredients together and kneading the dough. Making biscuits is another favourite activity for both kids and they get so excited to hear the “ping!” of the oven when the treats are ready for eating.

I used to think baking bread was hard before I tried it but now I know how easy it is and how much more delicious homemade bread is than store bought, it’s a regular activity in our house.

World Baking Day is coming up on the 17th of May and this is a great opportunity to get started with baking with your kids.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 9.04.41 PM





I think we’re going to have a go at making the “World’s Happiest Cake” (recipe below) for papa as he often comes back from the market with cakes and other goodies for us. Plus it’ll be a bonus if making this for breakfast really makes him happy, as he always wakes up grumpy :p

Make a pledge to bake for someone special here and share what you have baked and hashtag  #worldbakingday on your social media platforms! Join the WBD Community on Facebook, follow the WDB on Twitter, Instagram and Google + or even pin the WBD on Pinterest! Also, check out Blue Band’s Website! Bake for someone special on #worldbakingday! It would be great to capture the moment with photos and post them on your social media accounts!


Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 9.08.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 9.09.14 PM

Servings: 16 slices

Preparation time: 30 minutes Cooking time: 70 minutes


225 g Blue Band Cake & Cookie

325 g sugar

4 eggs

250g self-raising flour

100g all purpose flour

the skin of 2 limes, grated

50 g dried mango, finely chopped

50 g almond pieces

50 g desiccated coconut


Juice of 2 lemons

60 g sugar


55 g Blue Band Cake & Cookie

175 g of powdered sugar

1-2 tsp milk


  1. Grease a round baking dish (diameter 23 cm) with Blue Band Cake & Cookie, and cover with baking paper. Preheat oven to a temperature of 170 ° C.
  2. Beat Blue Band Cake & Cookie and sugar with mixer until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one by one. Add the remaining ingredients, mix well with a spatula.
  3. Pour batter into pan. Bake until cooked for 70 minutes.
  4. Remove from pan and let cool on a wire rack.


Cook the lemon juice and sugar until boiling and the sugar dissolved. Pour onto the entire surface of the cake.


  1. Whisk Blue Band Cake & Cookie, sugar, and milk until smooth.
  2. Slice the cake horizontally into 3 pieces. sandwich the pieces together with the filling and mango puree


  1. Create glaze by mixing lemon juice with the icing sugar. Pour into the cake surface.
  2. Garnish with nuts, mango, coconut, and almonds.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 9.12.22 PM

This post sponsored by Blue Band for World Baking Day but all thoughts are my own 🙂

Sponsored video – what tastes remind you of home?

There’s a bit of an obsession in the expat community, wherever you happen to be, about food. People obsess over food from home and are quite often willing to pay ridiculous prices to get it. The small import section at our local supermarket has salt and vinegar  crisps for 70,000rp (about £4 – I don’t miss them that much). If you’re one of those people who like marmite (or more likely vegemite if you’re in Bali because you’re probably Australian), you can expect to pay over 100,000rp for a small jar – that’s around 10 Australian dollars or about £5.

Personally, I’ve managed to get by without missing too much – I did get my family to bring over a few things the first couple of years I was here – mainly junk food. But I’m blaming that on the fact that I was pregnant.

Since then I’ve adjusted by cooking a lot more – I make my own bread now along with hummus and a load of other random things that are impossible to buy here like gravy. The one thing I do really miss every now and again is a proper roast dinner. It’s coming up to Easter now and my mum always used to make a big roast dinner on Easter Sunday and we’d usually invite a few friends over.

So I found this video in which a mother embarks on a journey to the Arctic in order to prepare her daughter a proper roast dinner quite touching. Funnily enough, I considered working in the Arctic at one point (not training Huskies though, how random is that!?)

Research from Knorr has found that 82% of people agree that the taste of some foods will remind them of their childhood so it’s not really surprising that we get so wrapped up in thinking about foods we miss from home. If we ever end up living in the UK, my kids will probably be crying for rice and tempe every day…

p.s. I’d only ever used instant gravy before I was forced to make my own but it’s actually pretty easy to make with stock cubes and flour – there are some good gravy recipes on the Knorr website

This post sponsored by Knorr but all thoughts are my own


Don’t forget the…


Are you a forgetful type of person? I didn’t used to be so bad until I had kids and developed mum brain. I remember once going to the supermarket and completely forgetting to buy any food. Also can clearly remember when Maya was a toddler and I forgot to give her dinner one night :/ I don’t know what it is about motherhood that kills your brain cells but from talking to my other friends who’ve had children, it’s definitely a widespread phenomena.

Of course forgetting you made yourself a coffee or forgetting to put salt in the bread dough (not that I’ve ever done this, ahem…) are not exactly life or death examples. When you’re leaving your home country to go and live abroad for a while, maybe forever, things you forget can have more consequences. Forgetting to give notice to your landlord or telling your bank you’ll be out of the country can cause their fair share of headaches (and I’ve had enough experience of trying to call banks from a pay phone in the mountains of Vietnam because none of my cards are working to know this)

I was actually pretty organised when it came to leaving the UK but I think this was because I’d been planning my escape for a long time. If you only have a short time to organise moving to a new country (as is the case with many expats when they’re sent to a new location for a job assignment) and there are kids involved, things get a lot more confusing.

There’s a handy emigration check list infographic on the HiFX blog that includes most of the tasks you’ll need to complete before you leave the country, listed by timeframe – things like redirecting your mail, checking your passport, cancelling insurance and even organising your leaving party! (I remembered mine as you can see from the photo above!) The list starts from 18 months before you leave, which may sound like a long time, but organising these things can take quite a while especially if you have a house to sell. Vaccinations, saving money, rehoming pets all take a long time. Also a personal tip – always allow double the time you think you need for anything to do with visas or passports.

Honestly I don’t think there’s anything major I forgot about when I left (although I did have my parents back home to sort stuff out for me!). If I were to do it again and knew I wasn’t coming back I would definitely have made better arrangements with my bank as I’ve had my cards blocked more times than I can count and I dread to think how much I’ve paid over the years in fees from drawing money on card that aren’t great for using abroad. I’d also sell more stuff – I got rid of a lot of things before I left but I still had a few boxes of precious possessions. Of course 6 years later and I don’t miss anything in those boxes and some of it is worth quite a bit of money (rare playstation games and limited edition prints). Difficult for me to ebay it from 8,000 miles away!

I’m so lucky after I left I never had one of those heart stopping moments when you realise you’ve forgotten something super important – have you?


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