I’m getting later and later with project 52 and I didn’t even get a decent photo of Kiran on his own. Must try to be more organised this week! The kids entertained themselves for quite some time running up and down chasing the rooster around the garden. I find it hard to get the balance right between letting them have fun and keeping them safe. I love to see them laughing and playing together but have visions of them falling and knocking their teeth out or splitting heads open (like Maya already did back in January). I can deal with skinned knees but have no wish for another emergency room visit any time soon. Trying hard to stop shouting “be careful!” constantly…

Last week  I loved these siblings in a buttercup field, these adorable little faces, and this rainy day portrait.

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IMG_3223 IMG_3236

Kids are rocking their new t-shirts from Little Sunflowers – I love bright colours if you hadn’t already noticed! And no, this isn’t a sponsored post, they just sell awesome kids clothes, have frequent sales and promos, a great loyalty program, AND they ship worldwide for very reasonable prices. Expats take note!

Last week I loved these sunkissed babes, this is what childhood is all about and this happy little one with rainbow blanket.

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How expats can get their TV fix from anywhere in the world

In general, I’m pretty much in love with my life in Bali. I mean, summer, gorgeous rice field views, yummy food, friendly people – what’s not to love right? However it’s true from time to time that I do wish I could just pop back to the UK for the weekend. It’s the little things I miss the most like crappy junk food and UK TV. Well hallelujah, I have the second one solved. If you know of an Indonesian shop that sells crappy UK junk food, please let me know.

I’ve tried a few different proxy services for accessing UK websites in the past. If you can get sites like the BBC and Netflix to think you’re in the UK then you can freely watch UK TV from the BBC and channel 4 online and you can also get around any pesky site blocking (Indonesian internet service providers like to block sites randomly for no reason). There are quite a few of these proxy services around but they’re not that easy to use (requiring you to fiddle with your internet settings which may or may not break your internet connection) and not always cheap either.

To solve all these problems, let me introduce: TunnelBear!

This is most definitely the easiest service I’ve tried. All you need to do is install a small software program, select your country and turn it on and off as you need. It just works without any fiddling under the hood and it’s cheap too – in fact you can download and use it free for up to 500MB per month and then only $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year for unlimited usage.

PC app - country list

I’ve been using my TunnelBear account for all sorts of things. As well as watching tv, it’s handy for any website where you get that annoying message “this service is not yet available in your country” like Spotify and it’s also useful for online shopping when I want to order something in the UK but the website ‘helpfuly’ redirects me to it’s global or Indonesian site. It also helps to keep your personal details safe when you’re using public wifi networks.

Also it’s a super cute app – I mean it’s all bearified! And it has fake wood panelling and everything! Oh there are also versions for Android and iOS so you can use the Netflix and BBC iplayer apps on your phone or tablet.

Android - connected

I’d really recommend this software to any expat or anyone travelling. As it’s free, you’ve got nothing to lose – just download it, install it and turn it on – super easy!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by TunnelBear but my opinions are my own


IMG_3170 IMG_3180

I can’t believe i am a whole week late with this and I don’t even have any good pictures to share. Maya’s expression pretty much sums it up. Oh well, blame Windows 8 for crashing my whole computer so I had to format and re-install everything. Screw you Microsoft :(


IMG_2876 IMG_2877 IMG_2888 IMG_2889 IMG_2925 IMG_2945-002 IMG_2957 IMG_2968 IMG_3081-001 IMG_3083

I felt like posting but my brain is too fried to write so here is a post that is mostly photos. I’m finding time slipping away from me from an alarming rate recently. Already half way through May. Nearly half way through the year. All my plans and goals are sitting waiting and somehow every day I end up with less and less time and get nothing done, promising “tomorrow” and then wake up late with a headache and the day is a blur of tears and crayons and peppa pig and flying wooden play food and before I know it the day is over and I admit defeat, too tired to even try. Ah well.

We’re all looking forward to grandma visiting next month and all I want to do is decorate and organise and shop for things I don’t need with that imaginary money i don’t make because I’m not getting any work done. Keep on swimming…


IMG_3055 IMG_3035

I’m late with this week’s project 52 because we were all struck down one by one by a horrific sickness bug. I spent 2 nights up half the night cleaning up vomit, one day worrying about my little girl who couldn’t even keep a sip of water down and then a third night up half the night being sick myself. Thankfully it seems to be over now and I’m enjoying my child-free Monday! hoping I can be productive although it’s already past 11am gah…

Anyway here are a couple of shots from a fun water fight earlier in the week. Who needs toys when you have water?

Saw we were chosen as a pick of the week over on Jodi’s site so hurray for that! And welcome if you’re visiting from over there – please stay a while and say hello :)

Last week my favourite shots included these gorgeous blue-eyed boys, this father son moment, and this little cutie.

Not For Sale Part 2


We’ve lived in our new home for one full cycle of the rice growth now. We arrived in November when the fields were newly harvested, waterlogged and muddy. Let our teenage ducks out to paddle and eat worms all day. Watched the farmers plant the new crop and it grow from seedlings to lush green fields and then fade to golden yellow again. Chatted with the harvesters as they cut and thresh the crop. Hidden indoors from the columns of spiraling smoke as the husks are burned back down into the earth.

IMG_0934 IMG_1578 rice-december 2014-01-17 14.00.44 IMG_1906 2014-02-03 13.55.31 IMG_2096 rice-fire rice-april rice-may

Made was speaking to the farmer yesterday who said that this land in front of our house has already been rented out and no doubt it won’t be long before there’s yet another house being built. The road we’re on is already unrecognizable from how it was 4 years ago when we built our wooden house. Once mostly rice fields with a house dotted here and there, it’s now just another housing estate.

How long before the rest of the green is gobbled up into a sea of concrete? I guess we’ll just enjoy it while it lasts and I’ll make the effort to get up earlier more often to enjoy scenes like the sunrise this morning:


You can read my first “Not for Sale” post here.

Green Scene Giveaway

I have yet another giveaway for you! Great for picnics with the family this summer. US and Canada only sorry :( but if you’re looking for a worldwide giveaway, go check out the Matilda Jane one a couple of posts back :)

Go green this spring with these great eco-friendly products! Take your snacks on the go in an eco-friendly snack bag or reusable food pouch that is also super easy to clean! Ensure your child’s sleeping surface is clean while traveling with a Naturalmat Top Mat, and keep your kitchen tidy with an odor-free counter top compost collector. These wonderful products were contributed by our amazing sponsors and we are excited to offer you the chance to win them all!

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spbang snack bags

spbang’s reusable snack bag is big enough to hold a sandwich or sticks of veggies and fruit! Replace your daily lunch throw away bags for your children or spouse by using these unique reusable bags. spbang snack bags are also made in the USA.

naturalmat top map

The Naturalmat Top Mat is an economical way of turning your crib into an organic one. Two layers of organic lambswool are contained within this overlay to your child’s crib. The natural and breathable materials contained within the Top Mat regulate your baby’s temperature and help them to sleep soundly.

silikids cups

silikids big kid cups are made from glass encased in a silicone protective sleeve that is easier to hold and grip than traditional cups. Their Silimap placemats feature fun cool graphic maps in several themes, cities, and countries to teach kids about the world.

kushies original cloth diaper

Kushies Organic Ultra-Lite Diaper is a great performer! Offers the flexibility of use with or without a diaper wrap and features 8 layers of 100% cotton flannel plus an inner waterproof barrier. Its adjustable hook & loop closure system offers a snug fit. Extended tabs provide optimum adjustability. Machine washable & dryable.

Fresh Air compost collector

Say hello to the Fresh Air compost collector. Unlike sealed compost containers, the Fresh Air allows oxygen to easily flow through your organic kitchen waste, allowing for aerobic breakdown. Food decomposes more slowly and stays drier during the composting process resulting in less mess, less odor and no flies.

Wean Green Blueberry Snack Cube

Wean Green’s Snack Cubes tempered glass food containers are the perfect size for every eco-chic family member. The lids are durable and have passed the ‘use’ testing machine over 3 million times per tab. The child friendly design allows easy opening for small hands and the glass is 4-5 times stronger than a drinking glass! Snack Cubes are freezer, microwave, & dishwasher safe.

Prize Gift Set

Yummi Pouch Brights gift set – $39.98
Set of 3 reusable snack bags – $30
Naturalmat Top Mat – $135
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Kushies Organic Ultra-Lite Diaper – $17.99
Full Circle Home Fresh Air kitchen counter top compost collector – $29.99
Wean Green Set of 2 Blueberry Snack Cubes – $11.99

Go Green Giveaway - green scene mom

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IMG_2846 IMG_2858

I switched my camera back into jpeg mode (instead of RAW) and somehow the pictures are better although the opposite should be true. I know RAW images need processing to make them look decent but I always do that anyway – guess I’m just a rubbish picture taker/editor?!

Last week I loved this fab pool shot, this beautiful little girl in a beautiful wooden house, and these nature kids.

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Boys Vs. Girls


Before I had kids I always believed that gender stereotypes didn’t really exist and were the result of parents pushing their ideas onto their offspring. Since having a boy and a girl I know differently. I’m no stickler for raising “gender neutral” kids – I enjoy dressing Maya in pretty outfits. However if she picks out one of Kiran’s outfits to wear I don’t stop her. Likewise, Kiran’s been known to wear a few pink hello kitty t-shirts in his time and walk around in sparkly sandals exclaiming “pretty!”.

When it comes to toys, I don’t buy “boys toys” and “girls toys” – all the toys are shared equally and they’re free to play with whatever they want. But it’s clear there’s a preference. Maya went through a brief interest for things with wheels but Kiran’s turned into a full-blown obsession. He’ll sometimes refuse to wear clothes unless there’s a picture of a car on it, he’s only interested in the books about cars and trains and of course the little matchbox toys are his favourite – most kids bring a teddy bear to bed but Kiran rushes off and brings a handful of cars. I find cars everywhere – in the bath, in the doll house, in the fridge between the yogurt and watermelon…

Their methods of play are also clearly different. Maya will patiently thread necklaces, build block cities and sit playing with her animals and dolls making up stories. Kiran basically throws things around, smashes down the towers and crashes his cars. He’s terrible for ripping books too and will look me in the eye and do it even though he knows he’ll be in terrible trouble. He just likes to destroy!

Nearly everyone I know with boys talks about how much energy they need to expend, how they need to be outside hitting things with sticks and running around whereas girls will be happy sat doing a quiet activity. And this is one of the main reasons why boys tend to do worse in school as they’re at a disadvantage from the start as most schools expect them to do just that for most of the day. Boys are designed to wear their parents (and teachers) out!

Maya’s a tomboy and I guess this was inevitable as all her cousins are boys. She’ll climb trees and wrestle in the dirt with the rest of them, but still the difference between her and kiran at the same age is pretty clear.

What do you think? social conditioning or genetic programming? And how can I stop this kid tearing up books and scribbling on the wall? Answers on a postcard….


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