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And if you thought i couldn’t get any lazier, I didn’t manage to get any photos except crappy phone pics last week! So here is Maya showing off her drawing and Kiran eating a cake.

If you’d like to see some examples of more talented photography (not difficult) I suggest you have a look at this gorgeous sunset beach portrait, this cutie with sparkler (braver than me!) and all of these beautiful shots.

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I seem to have lost my prime lens after I went on mini holiday with my mum so fingers crossed I find it or there will be no half-decent photos on this blog for the rest of the year….


IMG_3495 IMG_3506

Ok so as I’m over 2 weeks late with this, I think we’ve given up all pretense that I’m making any effort with this project anymore, but I will continue nonetheless!

Here we have a little impromptu outside bath time tea party just before I went away without my babies for the first time for two whole nights! Meep! (more on that later)


IMG_3452 IMG_3469-001

Maya – rowing a boat down a river infested with crocodiles. Apparently.

Kiran – face lit up by the glow from the tablet. I have to hide it from him – he’s too addicted. What do you want to do Kiran? “Playing game!”



I don’t have a photo of Kiran yet this week but I’m determined not to be late with this one and I’m hardly on the computer at the moment as grandma is here visiting! So I’ll update with Kiran’s photo later.

Maya has a new friend and it was her birthday this week so we went over for a little party. She has a bamboo fort with swings, a trampoline and a swimming pool so obviously Maya thinks she’s died and gone to heaven every time we go over there! I accidentally on purpose kind of left it too late to enrol her in pre-school this year (although we could probably do it mid term) and instead looking forward to more time playing and swimming with my girl :)

Updated with my handsome boy as promised:


I love his hair! I never want to cut it!

So many pictures to love last week! I found it hard to choose just a few: Belly and big sister, magical woods, and being silly.

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2014-06-08 16.08.32

2014-06-08 16.08.38

Ok so I blatantly didn’t get organised last week as I’m a whole day late with posting this again and i didn’t even get the DSLR out this week. So all I have are a couple of phone snaps from the beach – glad we went, it seems to be a constant battle to reclaim our Sunday family time. Made some important decisions for my business and family this last week – I’m giving up freelance writing and it’s all or nothing for now! Wish me luck!

Last week I loved this magical light, this little artist, and these thoughtful portraits.



I’m getting later and later with project 52 and I didn’t even get a decent photo of Kiran on his own. Must try to be more organised this week! The kids entertained themselves for quite some time running up and down chasing the rooster around the garden. I find it hard to get the balance right between letting them have fun and keeping them safe. I love to see them laughing and playing together but have visions of them falling and knocking their teeth out or splitting heads open (like Maya already did back in January). I can deal with skinned knees but have no wish for another emergency room visit any time soon. Trying hard to stop shouting “be careful!” constantly…

Last week  I loved these siblings in a buttercup field, these adorable little faces, and this rainy day portrait.

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IMG_3223 IMG_3236

Kids are rocking their new t-shirts from Little Sunflowers – I love bright colours if you hadn’t already noticed! And no, this isn’t a sponsored post, they just sell awesome kids clothes, have frequent sales and promos, a great loyalty program, AND they ship worldwide for very reasonable prices. Expats take note!

Last week I loved these sunkissed babes, this is what childhood is all about and this happy little one with rainbow blanket.

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IMG_3170 IMG_3180

I can’t believe i am a whole week late with this and I don’t even have any good pictures to share. Maya’s expression pretty much sums it up. Oh well, blame Windows 8 for crashing my whole computer so I had to format and re-install everything. Screw you Microsoft :(


IMG_3055 IMG_3035

I’m late with this week’s project 52 because we were all struck down one by one by a horrific sickness bug. I spent 2 nights up half the night cleaning up vomit, one day worrying about my little girl who couldn’t even keep a sip of water down and then a third night up half the night being sick myself. Thankfully it seems to be over now and I’m enjoying my child-free Monday! hoping I can be productive although it’s already past 11am gah…

Anyway here are a couple of shots from a fun water fight earlier in the week. Who needs toys when you have water?

Saw we were chosen as a pick of the week over on Jodi’s site so hurray for that! And welcome if you’re visiting from over there – please stay a while and say hello :)

Last week my favourite shots included these gorgeous blue-eyed boys, this father son moment, and this little cutie.

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