Trip to the UK: Exploring and Making New Friends

Wow I really am bad at updating this aren’t I? I will get on top of it one day, I promise! New design is almost ready to go and everything. Anyway the rate I’m going, I will never catch up so I’d better get on with it.

During our trip we tried to spend as much time as we could catching up with friends and family, many of whom I hadn’t seen for years. Maya enjoyed playing with her cousins (2nd cousins to be exact!) and making friends with some of my friends kids who are similar ages.

As everything is so different to Bali, it wasn’t hard to have a new adventure every day. Maya was pretty awed by everything and I did take advantage by leaving her with my mum and brother to have a browse around the toy shops or play on the ipads in the Apple store while I was shopping. Here she is having her mind blown in Toys’r’us (nothing even close to this in Bali!):

2015-06-24 15.01.21 (1)

Exploring St Mary’s Lighthouse, Tynemouth Priory and the beach near where I grew up with my friend’s little boy:

IMG_5480 IMG_5490 2015-07-06 14.16.22 2015-07-06 15.03.35 2015-07-06 15.09.02 2015-07-06 15.09.21

Beach is a bit colder than what she’s used to in Bali!

Visiting the Science Museum in Newcastle:

2015-06-26 14.06.48 2015-06-26 15.15.06

Playing with cousins and meeting a horse!

IMG_5496 IMG_5522

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