How to share special travel moments with your loved ones


Sharing is more than caring. It’s a natural need we all have at some level. People also often say that “happiness is only real if it’s shared.” Is that true? Maybe, I wouldn’t go to that extreme. There is certainly some level of happiness to be attained even when you don’t share a perfect moment but to feel true bliss it’s, indeed, true that it is better to be able to share your story with someone. If that someone is someone you know, like or love, that’s even better.

But here you are, in a foreign country where most people don’t have a clue what you are talking about as they don’t speak your language. You’re having an amazing time and experiencing all these new things and you want to tell someone about it, preferably your dear ones back home. But that’s easier said than done usually. Just calling back home is not an option as it would eat up your travelling budget superfast and you can’t really get a hold of folks back home on Skype or Facebook as often as you’d like it. So what do you do? You find a smart way around it.

International Calling Cards

What you need is something that harnesses the power of VoIP, the Internet and the classical phone lines. And you get exactly that when you purchase a calling card (for example Enjoy Prepaid). A calling card will allow you to call back home for an incredibly low rate while enjoying more than decent call quality.

A calling card allows you to call from your smartphone when you have decent Internet access or from your PC if that is more convenient. What’s even more amazing is that you can use regular landlines to make a phone call at the same rates by making use of the special access number and your unique access PIN. This is an alternative to roaming that costs a lot less and it is becoming incredibly popular among travelers, expats and so on.

Speaking your language

There’s something magic in speaking your own language when sharing a travel experience or any experience for that matter. You don’t need to search for your words anymore, everything just comes natural and you can fully express your emotions.

It’s great to be able to just pick up the phone after a great moment and share that with your best friend or your family. Luckily, thanks to readily available Internet access and calling cards you can enjoy this benefit.

Mobile Internet

More and more travellers prefer now to buy 3G sim cards whenever they reach a new destination so they have Internet access and use VoIP services to call home. If you choose to do that too, make sure you ask the providers if they limit VoIP calls in any way or not. Some do, some don’t and it’s safer to ask before buying.

Now you can be more connected than ever. You can not only call back home when you are abroad but you can also call the friends you made all over the world when you return back home. Everything for just a few cents.

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