Not For Sale Part 2


We’ve lived in our new home for one full cycle of the rice growth now. We arrived in November when the fields were newly harvested, waterlogged and muddy. Let our teenage ducks out to paddle and eat worms all day. Watched the farmers plant the new crop and it grow from seedlings to lush green fields and then fade to golden yellow again. Chatted with the harvesters as they cut and thresh the crop. Hidden indoors from the columns of spiraling smoke as the husks are burned back down into the earth.

IMG_0934 IMG_1578 rice-december 2014-01-17 14.00.44 IMG_1906 2014-02-03 13.55.31 IMG_2096 rice-fire rice-april rice-may

Made was speaking to the farmer yesterday who said that this land in front of our house has already been rented out and no doubt it won’t be long before there’s yet another house being built. The road we’re on is already unrecognizable from how it was 4 years ago when we built our wooden house. Once mostly rice fields with a house dotted here and there, it’s now just another housing estate.

How long before the rest of the green is gobbled up into a sea of concrete? I guess we’ll just enjoy it while it lasts and I’ll make the effort to get up earlier more often to enjoy scenes like the sunrise this morning:


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  1. mirari says:

    it’s so sad… we live in the mountains and happens something similar too…