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I felt like posting but my brain is too fried to write so here is a post that is mostly photos. I’m finding time slipping away from me from an alarming rate recently. Already half way through May. Nearly half way through the year. All my plans and goals are sitting waiting and somehow every day I end up with less and less time and get nothing done, promising “tomorrow” and then wake up late with a headache and the day is a blur of tears and crayons and peppa pig and flying wooden play food and before I know it the day is over and I admit defeat, too tired to even try. Ah well.

We’re all looking forward to grandma visiting next month and all I want to do is decorate and organise and shop for things I don’t need with that imaginary money i don’t make because I’m not getting any work done. Keep on swimming…

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  1. Love all the colors

  2. mirari says:

    i’m so sorry to read you’re not better… i send you lots of love