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I haven’t taken any sleeping photos for a while. They’re growing up so fast but when they sleep they still look like babies. Maya’s going through a funny phase at the moment. She doesn’t want to go out, she just wants to stay at home with me, playing by herself. In fact, I get told off ┬áif I try to show any interest: “go away mummy! Maya’s playing on her own!”. Quite a change from my confident outgoing girl who loves people – seems she’s becoming more introverted as she gets older. Our afternoons most days consist of Maya making a nest for herself and watching Charlie & Lola while I have a bath. She doesn’t nap these days but we both need a bit of quiet time (most afternoons Kiran is at his grandparents). I must admit to enjoying this quieter phase quite a bit!

Last month I loved baby flying high, these floating kids, and all of these photos – such amazing shots this week I had a hard time choosing just a few!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Oh I’m a sucker for pics of sleeping babes! Why are they so delicious when they are asleep? Also…we are big into Charlie and Lola here too (not complaining…yet!). Thanks for choosing my photos as one of your fav’s from the last week.

  2. Rachel says:

    We pretty much alternate between charlie & Lola and Peppa Pig :p thanks for visiting!

  3. Biena says:

    This makes me miss my siblings.. a memory of childhood