365/365 – A year of portraits

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So here we are with the final photos of the year. Maya fell down last night and split her head open, requiring stitches, hence the patch. However I’m happy to report that she’s back to her normal cheeky self this morning and not at all looking as sad as she does in the photo.

I didn’t succeed in taking a photo every day of the year. In fact there are huge chunks missed out, not just days here and there. I dropped the ball in the second half of the year after I got sick with dengue and a host of other health problems and then we had visitors, moved house, etc. I tend to forget about my camera when i’m busy enjoying life which i guess doesn’t make me a great photographer but isn’t such a bad thing otherwise.

I do wish I’d made a little more effort in the later months of the year but I’m still so happy with what I’ve accomplished. I’m sitting looking at a whole year of images in my 365 photo and the vast majority are pictures that would have never existed if i hadn’t taken on this project. It’s nice to be reminded not just of what we did this year but the little moments we had – reading books in the morning sunlight, water fights in the afternoon, making orange juice.

Here’s a little collage of some of my favourite photos from the series. I don’t think I’ll be doing it next year (I’m planning on opting for the rather less challenging project 52) but I’m very glad that i did it, even if i ended up with rather less than 730 portraits in the end.


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  1. wheeee! you finished! that’s great. and for the record, I think it’s basically impossible to complete a photo project when you have dengue + random tropical disease + moving house. i’m not even sure i’ll make it to the end of my proposed project…but i’m going to try. also, i’m (crazily!!!) entertaining the idea of doing a 365 project entirely for baby and his first year. i might be nuts, but….

  2. Rachel says:

    Well finished in a fashion :p

    Oh you should totally do one for the baby! it’s much easier to take a photo every day of a baby i think 🙂 I’m pretty sure I did of Maya at least without actually deciding i was going to… they don’t move for the first few months for one thing :p