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5 days ago my little girl turned 3 – 3! She’s no longer classed as a toddler. She’s now a pre-schooler. Argh! The time seems to go faster and faster every year.

I didn’t want to get Maya a lot of toys this year but she’s really into her imaginary play at the moment so I knew she’d love a doll house. We got this one from a shop in Bali that only sells doll houses called Rosada. Made picked it out all by himself, I was quite impressed! Of course I couldn’t get any photos of her actual face when she woke up in the morning and saw it because she was too busy playing with it.

I also bought her some books but they didn’t arrive in time (next year remind me to order months, not weeks in advance). Dolls and furniture are arriving with grandma tomorrow 🙂 She also got more presents from her friends. Spoiled!

Party plans did not really happen this year as we were smack bang in the middle of galungan ceremonies. We’d planned to go over to our other house in the rice fields and invite some friends but in the end everyone had to go out and we would have had to be back by 2pm. So I decided to postpone the proper party for another time.

My sister in law came over with the cousins and she had already bought a cake so  I just cooked up a load of sausages and chips. As everyone had to go out, it was just me, my SIL and a bunch of crazy kids  (Made came home just as we were bringing the cake out). Maya had fun anyway, which was the main thing. And it’s a good excuse to have another party when the grandparents are here 🙂

Happy Birthday Maya!

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  1. Happy Birthday Maya! Three! That’s totally major. (And OMG THREE! I Can’t believe she’s younger than Stella and you already have a whole entire other little person to care for!!!)

    Love the doll house! Stella got one for her third birthday too. She loves playing with it, but it is often used as a “housekeeping cart.” Oh boy. Hotel living. Ruining my child one privilege at a time! 😉

  2. toi says:

    this is so sweet. Happy birthday to lovely Maya and her friend 🙂

  3. farzana says:

    Happy birthday to the princess! Give her a kiss from me..<3

  4. Kaho says:

    Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl! What a lovely way to celebrate! I love buying books for my kids, too!! Sorry they didn’t arrive on time. That always happens when we need them!