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I very rarely buy clothes for the kids. I went a bit overboard when i was expecting Maya (although 99% of what i bought was secondhand) but since then, I’ve left the job of clothing them pretty much to my mother. She has pretty good taste when it comes to kids clothes (better than my inlaws, that’s for sure!) and gets loads of bargains in the summer sales.

I do still like to window shop online though and pick out items that I would love to buy if I had more of a disposable income than i do now. I really get quite tempted when there are sales on and if it wasn’t for the fact that my mother keeps us in baby and toddler clothes for 6 months in advance, I’d totally be making regular orders.

Today I’ve been looking at AlexandAlexa, which has some really cute stuff for girls AND boys which is kind of tricky… and they ship to Indonesia… and they have a 70% sale on now. Uhoh danger alert!

This is my dream wishlist for Maya and Kiran. I don’t even dare look at the baby clothes! Hey AlexandAlexa if you feel like sending us some clothes to ‘sample’, you’re more than welcome :p

1. Vans Hello Kitty plimsolls / 2. Munster Kids tiger shorts/ 3. Catmini bubble dress / 4. Gruffalo’s Child tee /5.  Sookibaby pirate tee / 6. Kickle butterfly print skirt  / Converse low tops 

Check it out yourself at alexandalexa

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  1. Alys says:

    Thanks a lot Rachel…now I’m browsing clothes for Lily and Azlan that I don’t need/can’t afford but are just so cute!!! Arghhhh…Must. Stop. Shopping. For. My. Kids.

    Now I’ve discovered The Book Depository too I’ve been ordering way to much stuff using the excuse that books are never a waste of money

  2. Rachel says:

    Hahaha, sorry! Yes I go on the theory that you can never have too many books too. Not bought any for a while though… hmmmm…