Friday bits and pieces

photo 4-002Well it’s Friday again and we’re nearly at the end of the month. I’m rather looking forward to stating July and getting a fresh start on my work as I got so behind this month. But my dad was here for 3 weeks and we had a lot of fun and I got out of the house a bit which I really needed.

In other news my sister in law completely butchered Maya’s hair the other day. She decided to cut it really short for no apparent reason and without consulting me first. Her very first hair cut and it was bad – not straight and cut on the wave so it was sticking up all over the place. I was PISSED! Anyway I was thinking about taking her to the salon to sort it but they would have to make it so much shorter still to make it completely straight and I don’t really trust hairdressers. I couldn’t cope with being heartbroken over her hair twice! So I just tried to tidy it up myself and cut a fringe in. Think it’s looking better if I can only stop her father from brushing it all back and making her look like Elvis…

I’m totally obsessed with ‘day in the life’ style posts, particularly from full-time bloggers, writers and artists and I’ve been on the hunt for a blog that features different people and their day. The closest I’ve found is this blog on morning routines, which is a fun read. I also recently bought this book for my kindle about the daily rituals of famous authors and writers.

I discovered the Le Pirate Beach Club on facebook. Doesn’t it look idyllic? It’s on Nusa Ceningan, which is a tiny island off the coast of Bali, not normally visited by tourists. Apparently they have limited running water and electricity but it still manages to look like a 5-star resort. And how cute are these little beach cabins? I’m now thinking about paining our wooden house white…

One of my writing jobs is for a travel blog and involves looking for creative commons images on flickr. Some of the most amazing photos that come up in searches are by a user called stuckincustoms and I’ve just discovered he has a blog. Lot of amazing travel photography and inspiration there.

On that note, i’ve been thinking about resurrecting my old travel blog and making it focused on travel inspiration and freelancing/blogging. But then I think, who am I kidding? I can’t even keep this blog updated. So maybe I should just incorporate the ideas I have for posts in here? But do posts about travel and online working really go with cute pictures of my kids? hmm… thoughts?

I was also thrilled to see this week that Georgia is starting up her 365 project again. She was my biggest inspiration for starting the 365 daily photo project and she takes really amazing photos accompanied by amazing words. I’m now also thinking I want to post more than just the pictures, even when I’m behind. Not sure I can make a story for every photo but maybe for some of them. Anyway, go check out her blog and be inspired.

That’s about it for this week. I have a ton of work to finish by the end of this month as usual! Goal for July is to get into a nice early morning routine and get a solid 4 or 5 hours of work in the mornings, leaving the afternoon free for play. We will see!


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  1. So, since your blog is called How To Escape, and escaping includes traveling, carving out an income via freelance, and all that stuff, I think you should totally include this in your blog. It would totally fit!
    And, for the record, I totally dig daily routine articles as well. Maybe I should write one. But maybe not. As it would really highlight exactly how much time I spend doing nothing.