It’s tough being two…


My little girl woke up today and cried and cried. She didn’t want to eat anything for breakfast except ice cream. She didn’t want to go in the bath. She sobbed that she wanted her ‘gee’ and susu (her cuddly and milk) and weed on the kitchen floor (she’s been toilet trained for quite a while now but we still have the odd accident, especially when she’s upset).

I put her current favourite dvd on (Dora the Explorer), shut the curtains and she was asleep again within minutes. When she woke up at lunch time she was back to her normal self, laughing and asking to go in the bath. So maybe she was just tired. It’s hard work being a two-year-old.

I’ve felt like Maya’s not been herself for a few months now. She suddenly decided she doesn’t want to go to school any more after months of being excited about going. We never had any tears from her about leaving her at school, even the first week she started there before she was even two years old. Now she howls that she doesn’t want to go to school in the morning and doesn’t want to stay when Made drops her off. The school even called us to come and pick her up the other day because she was just crying for her papa and wouldn’t stop.

Maybe she’s just bored of school (it’s a small local playgroup with not many activities and I did always plan it as a stopgap for something more stimulating when she was a little older). Maybe she’s not getting enough sleep – some days she doesn’t nap now and it’s a struggle to get her asleep before 9pm if she does nap. Maybe she’s picking up on the stress around here – it’s not just school, she seems clingier and is crying more than usual at home too.

It really must be hard work being two. Yes it’s hard for us parents too, but at least we get to call the shots. I read somewhere a couple of days ago that 2.5 is the peak age for tantrums, violent emotions and inflexibility and this stage continues until about the age of 3. Maya will turn 2.5 at the end of next month, so this seems to make sense.

I do struggle to find the balance between discipline and keeping her happy. She’s obviously very distressed when she knows she’s been naughty and that we’re angry with her. I even hear her in her sleep wailing “Maya’s a good girl!”.

Having to split my time between them just makes things harder, especially now Kiran is displaying his own version of toddler behaviour Рnamely having a total strop whenever we take anything off him or tell him not to do anything, getting so frustrated and upset that he bashes his head off the floor.

I long for the days when they’ll play nicely together – can that be soon? Please? They will sometimes play together and be very cute for about two minutes and it’s lovely until Maya decides she wants the toy that Kiran’s holding, Kiran won’t give it up, Maya pushes Kiran over and they both end up wailing.

Yesterday I came running in because I’d left them playing while I was tidying up in the adjoining room and I heard Kiran crying. I found Kiran on the floor and Maya doing something to his mouth. Cue much shouting from me at Maya while I picked Kiran up and tried to comfort him. Maya was crying harder than usual and just kept shouting “adik nakal!” (my little brother’s naughty). When I looked in Kiran’s mouth I realised he’d been trying to eat one of Maya’s crayons and she was attempting to get it out of his mouth. The fun never stops!

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  1. I agree the fun never stops. It’s hard being a parent! Your header is beautiful by the way.

  2. Celeste says:

    Oh bless her. Being two IS rough I think. So much frustration, even for good talkers.
    I hate to say it though.. tantrums didn’t stop at 3 here!