Life Without an ‘e’ Key

photo-failThis is what happens when I try to take a photo of the two of them together these days

Apologies to those of you who like to see my project 365 photos daily (if there are any of you out there apart from my family!). I got a little behind due to the insane amount of work I’ve been doing lately. My technology is conspiring against me again. After the great hard drive crash of 2013, I’ve been working on my mac which has been fine since I got it to recognise all the ram. However one morning I left it open on my desk for half an hour while I went to get Maya ready for school and when I came back, the ‘e’ key wasn’t working and I have a line of dead pixels on my monitor screen. It was raining pretty hard and my office has a leaky roof and I think maybe some water got inside? Such are the perils of living in Bali. I have lost many electronics to the humidity.

Anyway, I decided I needed to work super extra hard over the past couple of weeks in order to try and stem the tide of debt tsunami and also because I’m going to have to buy a new computer. Also I think my health insurance is due for renewal soon. Meh. So a lot of my work at the moment is writing – do you know how hard it is to write without the letter ‘e’? Try it. It’s typical of course, it had to be the ‘e’ key that broke and not the ‘z’ or the ‘~’. So I’m getting by for now on my 2 laptops that are still limping along until I can scrape together the money for a new one. My financial review is due (I keep a spreadsheet of all my bank balances every month so I can keep track of my money debt). I kind of don’t even want to look any more.

So work/life balance has kind of gone out the window. I’m thinking of making a fresh start in March and really trying to just work on my own projects. But I’m so scared of having no money. Argh, dilemma. And yes there is my $50 a day plan but it’s kind of hard to pitch for and plan my work so that it averages out to that. I prefer little jobs that I can just pick up and do as I choose but they tend to be harder to find and lower paid. Sigh.

So last night I worked until 2am. I watched the end of Game of Thrones and half of a One Born Every Minute episode until 3. Maya woke me up at 5am wanting to play angry birds. I got up at 6. Both kids down for their first nap by 8.30 am. It’s going to be a long day.

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  1. Ian says:

    Rach, didn’t I give you a wireless keyboard to go with it? It should work with a few battery’s if you turn the bluetooth on the Mac…

  2. Rachel says:

    Um…. yes you did but it may have just been given away in the great clearout of 2013 because I’d never used it. oops. In any case, my e key magically started working again so all is ok for now! I’m still on the lookout for a new laptop so let me know if you see any good deals. preferably 15″ screen, 4GB ram, massive hdd, cheap – haha.