Spiritual Protection

Every house in Bali has a shrine like the one pictured either outside the entrance to the home, or just inside, facing the entrance. Every day offerings are placed on this shrine for protection from any evil spirits that may try to wander inside. You’ll also never find a path leading straight into a Balinese home – apparently bad spirits can’t turn corners so putting the entrance on the side of the path is usually enough deterrent. Some houses have an extra small wall just inside the entrance so you need to turn left or right to enter the compound – sort of like a double lock I suppose?

Our shrine was looking a bit worse for wear after the building work carrying on right next to it and some chunks had been knocked off and stuck back on with cement. If a Balinese person comes into more money than usual, you can pretty much guarantee it will be spent on improving the temple and shrines in the home before anything else. Made decided we needed a new one and so a new one we got.

I’m not usually a superstitious person but after being in Bali for just a short while, I can guarantee you’ll be thinking twice about the existence of ghosts, spirits and demons. Our kitchen now is open and lit up brightly at night. When I go to get water out of the fridge, I have my back to the dark alleyway and some nights I could swear I hear a sinister hissing noise over my shoulder. I’m happy to do whatever is required to keep our home free from any malevolent spirits. Plus it gives me an excuse to post some more cute pictures of my kids.

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  1. blink_lu says:

    So excited about meeting Kiran and seeing Maya again! These pictures are gorgeous! Lots of books have arrived and I will make sure that I book my hotel very soon…thanks for your email by the way, just very behind with stuff this week – will explain some of why when I see you. x