Kiran’s First Otonan

You may have noticed that my baby is more bald than usual. This is because last week we celebrated Kiran’s first otonan – a ceremony marking his birth every 6 Balinese months or 210 days. Many Balinese people (particularly older people) don’t celebrate or don’t even know when their birthday is but their otonan will always be marked with a special ceremony.

This isn’t a big ceremony like the 3 bulanan, just a quick blessing at home with the family. However for the first otonan, the hair of the baby must be completely shaved off as a cleansing ritual to prepare the baby for his first temple visits. Kiran didn’t have much hair to begin with so he doesn’t look that different. Maya looked really funny and we flew out to England a few days after her otonan and I was worried what people would think about my skinhead baby! Kiran’s already been on his first temple visit and he’ll gradually work his way around all the village temples, ending with the Pura Dalem (cemetery temple). Maya is still not old enough to go there yet so I’m guessing it’s after the 4th Otonan.

Of course, having had two bald babies at exactly the same age gives me excellent opportunity to compare photos without the hair confusing things. The first thing I said when Kiran was born was “He doesn’t look like Maya!” and I think they were quite different babies for the first few months. Now Kiran is getting older I think he’s starting to look a bit more like Maya. What do you think?

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  1. blink_lu says:

    Wow, you are still wearing that kitty top that I gave you years ago! So pleased it fits you and you get wear out of it – it was never going to fit me!

    Kiran does look a lot more like Maya now he’s a bit older, he looks more like Made I think, whereas Maya looks a lot more like you.

    I love the first picture where Maya looks really cross and Kiran looks really happy!

    Did either of them cry when they had their heads shaved?

  2. Rachel says:

    Hehe, yeah it’s still one of my favourite tops! I really don’t get new clothes here very often. Sue always brings me a load when she come out :p

    You really think Maya looks like me? I’ve always thought she was the spitting image of Made. Everyone said Kiran looked like my dad/brother the first few months but his face has definitely changed as he’s got bigger.

    Maya didn’t even notice we were shaving her head. Kiran did cry and we had to stop half way through. To be fair, he was really ill with a fever the day before and he was still not feeling 100% poor bunny

  3. Yay! I’m so glad we’ve connected. I love reading fellow indo bloggers (so If you know other good ones, please share) and from everything I’ve heard, Bali is just a magical place. I’m super interested in the culture of parenting, and normataive parenting practices the world over, so your blog offers some great insight. I’ve added you to my reader!
    And, yeah, a lot of people are not crazy of about Jakarta, but for me it’s perfect. I mean, living in a super nice place certainly helps matters, but I’ve been around the block in Asia and I’ve come to realize that for me, it’s all about being able to connect with people and make friendships. I’m able to do that here, and that accounts for much of my blissed-outed-ness. Plus, I just came from Japan, which, omgshudder, never again. haaaaaaaate. (not that I’m judgmental or anything. heeeeeeeee)

  4. Ps…your kids are beautiful! I can totally see a resemblance between your boy and your girl!

  5. blink_lu says:

    Would you like me to source anything for you clotheswise? Shopping for other people is more fun!

    I do think she looks like you – her eyes and expressions and her smile. Kiran is definitely a mini Made!

  6. Rachel says:

    Thanks Erica 🙂 I’ve commented over at your blog.

    Lucy – if you want to source me any clothes you are welcome :p I know you have good taste!

    So funny, everyone says exactly the opposite – that Maya is just like Made and Kiran is more like me (I don’t think either of them look like me though!)